Medical insurance and travel insurance better safe than sorry

Owing to the changes in the environment and the living standards, a lot of new diseases and medical complications have come up; like cancers, diabetes and many more. With the arrival of these diseases, their cures have also been invented, but as the things stand these cures are exceedingly expensive. Thus the patients require a financial cushion in case any such tragedy comes up; medical insurance are meant for the same.

Types of medical insurance in Abu Dhabi

As Abu Dhabi is known for being one of the most diverse in ethnicity and individual profile holding places on the planet, there are several types of medical insurance in Abu Dhabi. These variable plans are meant to suit different demands from different clients.

  • Individual medical insurance in Abu Dhabi is meant for one person whose medical expenses would be borne by the insurer in lieu of the periodic payment of the premium amount.
  • Family medical insurance in Abu Dhabi is meant for meeting the medical expenses of the insured and the family members. It includes maternity cover and new born care cover as well.
  • As Abu Dhabi is one of the prominent business hubs in the region; more and more corporate are moving towards it to establish centers. Group medical insurance in Abu Dhabi is mainly meant for them to insure their employees in a clubbed manner.

In addition to the above mentioned plans and schemes, pearl Insurance Brokers Co LLC has several customized plans that could suit the requirements of the clients and their families with ease. We are flexible in our approach to bring the best for the clients.

Travel insurance in Dubai

Travel insurance is a relatively new term in the insurance business. Let us look at some of the benefits of taking travel insurance in Dubai.

  • If the trip gets cancelled due to some emergency then the amount already paid by the insured would be repaid according to the pre agreed conditions.
  • In case of some medical emergency in course of the trip, proper financial help would be provided for the treatment. The medical cover needs to be confirmed at the time of buying the policy.
  • Financial cover is provided for the loss or damage of checked in baggage. In case the baggage is delayed during flights, then also proper cover provided.
  • If one cancels the trip midway, then the amount commensurate to the non refundable bookings and the travel plans are subject to be returned by the insurer.
  • In addition to the insurance cover, a round the clock emergency helpline is available in multiple languages to help the clients in case of some emergency during the trip.

Dubai belongs to the list of highly visited travel locations in the world and therefore having travel insurance in Dubai is always a good choice.

Pearl Insurance Brokers Co LLC has great experience in handling travel insurance in Dubai. We provide the best pre and post policy service to our clients and ensure that they have nothing to worry about during the trip.

From life insurance to motor insurance, all your woes sorted

The lavish growth of Dubai in the last few decades has been a spectacle of awe for the world. From a small port to a lavish and posh emirate; the meteoric rise of Dubai has broken all the stereotypes of urban growth strategies. The growth in the size of a place gives rise to the increase in inhabitation, which in turn leads to increase in trade of the commodities and services required for the by those residing in the place. Dubai has grown up to become one of the rich havens on the planet; due to this one can see all sorts of marvelous vehicles plying the roads.

Motor insurance in Dubai

Where there are people; there is the requirement of vehicles and where there are vehicles; there is the requirement of motor insurance. It is important to know a few things before getting your vehicle insured in Dubai.

  • There are two types of motor insurance available in Dubai.
    1. Comprehensive cover
    2. Third part liability cover
  • Comprehensive cover aims at providing full protection against the damage done to the vehicle; without considering who was at fault. It simply means, you get your money back in case of accident, almost irrespective of the mishap circumstances.
  • In third party liability cover type of motor insurance, you receive money only commensurate to the amount of compensation you are required to pay to some other vehicle, you might have damaged. Your vehicle (in accident) would not be covered here.
  • While comprehensive cover is meant for only the vehicles qualifying in its category, third party liability motor insurance is generally taken for the cars not qualifying.

We, at Pearl Insurance Brokers Co. LLC, offer services for both the types of insurance covers. We also offer some customized offers to accommodate our clients’ requirements.

Life insurance in Dubai

As more and more people are deciding to settle in Dubai, it becomes important that they know about the suitable form of life insurance meant for them. This allows them to feel secure about their families and dependents in case of any unexpected mishap.

  • Term insurance is the most common policy taken by a range of varied clients. This requires the client to select a suitable face value amount as well as the premium. The premium is deposited on a periodic basis. In case, the policy taker dies (or in some cases critically injured), the nominee of the policy gets the previously agreed amount.
  • Whole life insurance is another form of life insurance growing prominently. It is also a form of investment, where the policy taker receives bonuses and/or retirement pensions on a periodic basis.

Pearl Insurance Brokers Co. LLC is known amongst its clients for its credibility and ease of policy claiming procedures. We make sure that while you get to choose the most suitable policy, your nominee doesn’t have to run here and there to claim your insurance. Our policy documents are very transparent in approach, allowing the clients to make a well informed decision. We also offer consultation, if requested by the clients.

We are here for you, because we care for you!

Be wise and take insurance to lead a tension free life


Dubai is amongst the richest cities in the world. Known primarily for the plethora of mind blasting landscapes and sky piercing structures, this city is the dream of every individual who wants to take a taste of the supreme luxury and standard of living.

Abu Dhabi

Being the second most populous city in UAE, Abu Dhabi has become one of the highest standard and classy metropolises of our times. This city is the center of power in the region and also business and trade hub.

Why do you need insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

The properties and assets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are known to have high value because of the high standard of living and income prospects of the inhabitants. It is sure that the people are ultra rich but still losing on the value of assets is never a good experience for anyone. Thus there is an obvious need for insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • When you own a place then it is very important that it remains protected from any unforeseen and unwarranted calamity like theft. Insurance pays you back for your losses.
  • Motor insurance is important as the roads are becoming more congested and thus accidents are becoming common. Having insurance allows you to get the required auto repairs done easily.
  • Abu Dhabi is one of the most prominent business locations. Therefore the requirement for business insurance in Abu Dhabi is pretty high in order to negotiate the risks in business.
  • Insurance in Dubai is one of the most viable and intelligent methods of tax saving, as the government gives subsidies on the amount invested on insurance.

Pearl Insurance Brokers LLC understand these requirements and thus has a long list of policy schemes that can be taken In order to get rid of the tension of the troubles that are the byproducts of owning a property or valuable asset.

Types of insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

While the need for insurance can never be understated, but it is also important to take the most suitable insurance policy. Below are the most prominent policies for insurance in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

  • Life insurance cover is meant as a means to secure the future of the kin. This entails them to receive a pre decided amount from the insurer in case of death of the insured.
  • Motor insurance is one of the most popular insurances in Dubai. The roads in this city are gleaming with expensive cars which obviously require some financial backing in case of some mishap.
  • Health insurance is meant to cover the medical expenses of the insured in case of some complications arise at some unforeseen junctures.
  • Property insurance is prevalent amongst the people as it allows them to have a backup in case of any thefts or damage to the property due to manmade or natural causes.

Pearl Insurance Brokers Co LLC is trusted by a long list of clients for delivering all types of insurance policies with most suitable premium and claiming procedures. We have gained this trust out of sheer good work and dedication to serve well.

Do not trust us, but try us and you’ll know about our abilities to bring the best service to you.

6 Things To Know When Purchasing a Motor Insurance In Dubai

Owning a car is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity especially in a city like Dubai where commuting takes up a major chunk of your time, but with that in mind there quite a few things you need to do before you can drive your car down Sheikh Zayed. One of those things is buying car insurance in Dubai. Whether it is a new car or a used car, all vehicle owners ­­are legally required to get their car insured with a trusted insurance company before the car can be registered.

This can be a confusing situation for many as there are many insurance agencies, brokers and banks that offer car insurance. It is absolutely necessary to understand the various policies and the types of providers clearly to ensure you buy the car insurance policy that best fits your needs. Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know about car insurance in Dubai and when you’re ready, we can help you get quotes from insurance companies too!

1. Decide which type of car insurance you need:

Comprehensive Insurance: This type of insurance covers you and the other car in case of an accident. Because of the wider coverage, this insurance generally tends to be costly. This insurance covers not only the vehicle against accidents, theft, fire and malicious acts but also personal accidents, in the event that the driver or passengers are injured in a collision and need medical treatment.

Third party liability insurance: This insurance covers only the other car and passengers in case of an accident. Thus if you opt for third-party insurance cover, the insurance premium will cost much less but you will have to pay for the damage of your own car in case of an accident. If a car has been purchased using a loan, most banks in the UAE will not allow you to buy third party liability insurance and will require the owner to purchase comprehensive insurance.

2. Gather all your documents to get the process started: You are required to present the following documents to the insurance company as proof of identity and driving experience.

Copy of your driving license

Copy of your passport photo page and visa page

Copy of your vehicle registration card (if it’s a new vehicle, you will need to provide a copy of the pro-forma invoice).

3. Understand how your insurance premium is calculated: Car insurance premiums are calculated after considering the year, make and model of the car, the size of the engine, claims history and risk profile of the driver. In the table below you will find some of the other factors that will affect your insurance premium. For example, a driver with less experience will have to pay a higher insurance premium in comparison to a more experienced and older driver.

New car with high safety features Low
Price of the car is on the higher end High
Driver’s Age is under 30 High
Driver has low driving experience High
GCC Coverage High
Off-road coverage High
Breakdown coverage High

4. Claim your insurance bonus: If you already have an car insurance provider, and you’re switching companies for your current vehicle you should contact your old insurance company to receive a “No Claim” Bonus Certificate. By presenting that certificate to your new car insurance company, you are entitled to a discount on the annual insurance premium.

5. Check if you have off-road travel insurance: Generally, car insurance companies in Dubai only cover accidents that take place on the road, but Dubai being an adventurer’s paradise, off road travel like dune bashing and wadi bashing are quite common. If you will be taking part in these activities, make sure that your insurance covers off road travel as well.

6. Ask about emergency services: In case you have an emergency while on the road like running out of fuel or a flat tire, you can call the emergency number provided on your brand new insurance card for prompt roadside assistance. However, some insurance companies do not provide a 24 hour roadside assistance hotline so be sure to check that before signing up.

Due to the numerous insurance policies offered by various companies and brokers, it is always advisable to compare them before selecting one and that’s where we come in! We can help you get up to 3 quotes from car insurance companies in Dubai, UAE. All you have to do is tell us a little bit about your car and your requirements, and we’ll do the rest!

The Changing World of Medical insurance

The new medical insurance requirements are in full swing in Dubai.

There are phases for the implementation:-

  1. Companies with over 1000 staff have to provide insurance that is branded the basic plan by October 31st, 2014
  2. Companies with staff from 100 to 1000 staff basic medical insurance to be implemented by July 31st 2015
  3. Companies with less than 100 staff and individuals including the family and domestic workers to be implemented by June 30th 2016.

The basic minimum plan is highlighted by the following benefits:

  1. AED150,000 limit
  2. Basic healthcare services limited to Dubai
  3. Emergency medical treatment extended to the UAE
  4. Medical history is disregarded – cover cannot be denied due to pre-existing conditions
  5. Maternity coverage included up to AED10,000 for complicated procedures

The basic plan premium is only available through certain insurance providers who are actually commissioned to provide this basic plan and only a selection of 7 companies are permitted to provide it.

If more than the basic plan is required, there are then 42 insurance providers who are licensed to provide and underwrite medical insurance that covers the basic and more as per the requirements of the Dubai Health Authority.

With so many moving parts in the medical landscape now is the time to link with a good source for knowledge moving forward.

On that note we hope to have informed you well and if you have any questions on this please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Insurance brokers in Dubai have increased dramatically in the past decade, but the main question that comes in one’s mind is “Do I really need an insurance broker?” Well, the answer is yes. Here are the top three reasons why you need a middleman to take care of your insurance needs:

Amazing Cost Benefit

Brokers understand the insurance market better, and they are in a position to choose the best policy as per your needs at a very affordable rate. This, almost certainly provides customers with an added cost benefit which they would have missed out, if they had gone directly to an insurance company. Brokers understand the available alternatives and then match them with your needs.

Claim Settlement

One of the biggest issues that many insurance customers face is the aspect of claim settlement, but if you have a broker on board, then the aspect of claim settlement becomes quite easy. Brokers are obliged to talk to insurance companies in Dubai and across UAE to handle your claim settlement, so that you don’t have to run around looking for agents to settle your claims.

Speed and Convenience

Brokers expedite the process of insurance purchase by a massive degree and add a new dimension to your insurance problems – convenience. Many insurance brokers provide quotes on the same day and work via emails and contact forms on website. For e.g. at Pearl Insurance Brokers, if you are looking for Motor Insurance, all you have to do is visit our website and provide us your name, number and email address, and our representative takes care of everything thereon.

So, in a nutshell, opting for an insurance broker in UAE is a brilliant decision and helps in making your life easy while also giving you a peace of mind.