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The lavish growth of Dubai in the last few decades has been a spectacle of awe for the world. From a small port to a lavish and posh emirate; the meteoric rise of Dubai has broken all the stereotypes of urban growth strategies. The growth in the size of a place gives rise to the increase in inhabitation, which in turn leads to increase in trade of the commodities and services required for the by those residing in the place. Dubai has grown up to become one of the rich havens on the planet; due to this one can see all sorts of marvelous vehicles plying the roads.

Motor insurance in Dubai

Where there are people; there is the requirement of vehicles and where there are vehicles; there is the requirement of motor insurance. It is important to know a few things before getting your vehicle insured in Dubai.

  • There are two types of motor insurance available in Dubai.
    1. Comprehensive cover
    2. Third part liability cover
  • Comprehensive cover aims at providing full protection against the damage done to the vehicle; without considering who was at fault. It simply means, you get your money back in case of accident, almost irrespective of the mishap circumstances.
  • In third party liability cover type of motor insurance, you receive money only commensurate to the amount of compensation you are required to pay to some other vehicle, you might have damaged. Your vehicle (in accident) would not be covered here.
  • While comprehensive cover is meant for only the vehicles qualifying in its category, third party liability motor insurance is generally taken for the cars not qualifying.

We, at Pearl Insurance Brokers Co. LLC, offer services for both the types of insurance covers. We also offer some customized offers to accommodate our clients’ requirements.

Life insurance in Dubai

As more and more people are deciding to settle in Dubai, it becomes important that they know about the suitable form of life insurance meant for them. This allows them to feel secure about their families and dependents in case of any unexpected mishap.

  • Term insurance is the most common policy taken by a range of varied clients. This requires the client to select a suitable face value amount as well as the premium. The premium is deposited on a periodic basis. In case, the policy taker dies (or in some cases critically injured), the nominee of the policy gets the previously agreed amount.
  • Whole life insurance is another form of life insurance growing prominently. It is also a form of investment, where the policy taker receives bonuses and/or retirement pensions on a periodic basis.

Pearl Insurance Brokers Co. LLC is known amongst its clients for its credibility and ease of policy claiming procedures. We make sure that while you get to choose the most suitable policy, your nominee doesn’t have to run here and there to claim your insurance. Our policy documents are very transparent in approach, allowing the clients to make a well informed decision. We also offer consultation, if requested by the clients.

We are here for you, because we care for you!

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