The people being insured under this policy should not only be restricted to cashiers but should be extended to cover any employee who is in a position to defraud the company by manipulating goods and or cash in any manner.

Perils Covered:

Any financial loss as a result of Forgery or Embezzlement, Larceny and or fraudulent conversion by an employee of the company, of monies or goods of the insured.

Important Conditions:

Any act of forgery etc. must be discovered not later than six months after the resignation, dismissal, retirement or death of the employees and not later than three months after the termination of policy whichever be the earlier.
Passports of employees concerned must be in the custody of the Insured.

Important Exclusions:
There will be no liability:
If any material fact is misstated at the time of effecting the policy.
If precaution and checks for securing accuracy of accounts shall not be duly observed and put in practice.
If there is any change in the circumstances and conditions of the said employment without prior approval of the insurance company.
List of all employees covered under this policy and limits of cover should be only made available to management and concerned Financial and Operations Managers.

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