Pearl Insurance Brokers Co L.L.C Trade Credit is an expert specialist broker of credit risk mitigation products, including credit and political risk insurance as well as accounts receivables

With the proper credit insurance to protect receivables, you can offer buyers attractive terms, enabling you to seize more global opportunities while protecting the balance sheet. Will obtain the details and update


Pearl Trade Credit Practice helps sellers manage receivables risk — and a wide range of other trade-finance issues — by providing access to credit insurance solutions. And our Lender Solutions Group helps mitigate financial risks and enhance borrowing via structured credit solutions that make larger transactions more attractive to lenders or financiers, thus enhancing economic growth.

Enjoying longstanding relationships with major insurance carriers, Pearl can negotiate competitively priced coverage to manage your trade credit risk. We represent all of the major underwriters, including insurers, banks and hedge funds.

Our credit protection solutions run the gamut from short and medium term trade credit to political risk insurance to cover country and sovereign risks as well as bank loans and equity investments in emerging markets. Our dedicated professional team does the work for you, assists with the application process, obtains and negotiates competitive proposals, and provides quality service throughout our entire relationship.

We offer a full suite of credit products and services designed to help you increase sales and investment domestically and overseas, while reducing your credit risk.

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